Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Of Prince and Creatine

Today when Jett and I were out for our morning run, the rain came down. Perhaps my vision was a bit off today, but I swear the rain had a purplish tint to it. Prince, who passed away yesterday at the age of 57, will be deeply missed. I graduated high school in ’99, and the song 1999 (Party Like It’s 1999) reminds me every time of that magnificent summer I had post high school and just before the doors of college closed behind me. I’ll never forget the freedom of ’99, with the future yet written and my past adolescence behind me. It really is a loss.  The master behind the iconic song Purple Rain has crossed the blue horizon.20160422_102928
I normally run extremely slow, but seeing the purplish rain come from the sky and hit the green hills that surround my running spot caused me to take an even slower pace and even pause.
Yesterday at my running club, I was of course one of the slowest runners on the pavement. When I attended grade school this caused me a lot of embarrassment in gym class. Now, I kind of just accept it as part of my cyclical vomiting syndrome and mitochondria dysfunction. As a kid sticking out in any way is not fun, now I just put one foot in front of the other and try to advance my pace.
In a recent class I took on nutrition I learned of the relationship with creatine and the ATP energy system. I also learned about the relationship between healthy mitochondria and exercise.
The mitochondria are in all the cells of the body but the red blood cells. If for some reason the mitochondria’s dysfunction is compromised that can lead to all sorts of health issues–including the disease I have, cyclical vomiting syndrome. Exercise not only increases the amount of mitochondria in skeletal muscle, but it increases it’s functionality.
Creatine benefits the ATP energy system, but it does it with anaerobic exercise, short duration/high intensity exercise like body building. That’s why body builders use it, fyi.
I, for a very short period in college dated a body builder. That’s all he talked about. All I talked about was X-Files. It was a high intensity/ short duration relationship where neither of us really ever listened to each other. In case you wanted to know what it was like to date me in college. Here is a video that completely depicts a typical dating scenario for me. I’ve attempted to find out if, like Abed, I have Aspergers. I’ve always been informed that no I don’t have it. I’m currently studying if Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has anything to do with me, or if I’m just a big fan of John Green.
Regardless, I’ve added creatine to my diet. Fingers crossed that this aids me in becoming a decent runner. I did run today. I ran pretty good. I ran in the purple rain.

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