Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cannabis and I are NOT Lovers

I always get a load of feedback when I say anything about marijuana. Cannabis really seems to be as polarizing as abortion, political parties, or child rearing. I came into this writing business with a ready-made resentful jelly person just waiting in the wings for the opportunity to find something to criticize me about. Thus, whenever I write about how I DO NOT use marijuana it somehow turns into me using marijuana. Vice versa, people who are regular users completely dismiss me as a 420 hater. Friends, I am neither. The only opinion I have about cannabis is that it's not some magic cure-all. It comes with its own list of side effects. Plus, people call it a natural wonder without considering that a ton of pesticides are used to grow it, and the pesticide use is still unregulated by the federal government--being its usage is still federally illegal.

Before Washington (my stomping ground) State legalized marijuana's recreational usage in 2012 I was always screened at the beginning of my frequent flyer Emergency Room visits as a drug seeker. Yeah it was kind of a pain to have to go through, but after the initial screening I was always treated for my symptoms despite no medical professional being able to diagnose me. And because I WASN'T a drug seeker. At all. I occasionally drink Cabernet. That's it. My body is too compromised to handle anything else. If you're still trying to find something to bring me down to size, humble me, give me what I deserve take this link to one of my favorite songs that I'm guessing you wont understand. Yes, she does mention rolling joints. But she also says it doesn't matter if you don't. I'm someone who don't. I'm pretty straight and narrow. And when my straight and narrow gets a little too straight I take a 90 degree turn and follow it straight. And BTW, nothing is more humbling than spending hours in the Emergency Room being asked if you use drugs and being accused of getting punched in the gut all the while vomiting every 15 minutes in front of a staff of medical professionals wondering if you're only in the E.R. to get some drugs.

Anyway, after marijuana was legalized in Washington State, things in the Emergency Room changed. I started getting asked specifically if I used marijuana. Soon after its legalization I was officially diagnosed as having a condition known as cyclic vomiting syndrome. From then on, whenever I visited the E.R. medical staff would confuse my illness with something called cannabis hyperemisis. Because my illness is so rare and still so unknown, medical professionals simply see more patients with the cannabis hyperemisis and patients who have it aren't afraid anymore to say that they are regular users of marijuana.  Great for them, great for the MPs treating them, not so good for little ol' me.

Even the article in High Times states that ceasing use of marijuana will stop CHS. If you're a regular user of marijuana and are some how still reading this blog, know this: CHS usually inflicts those that use marijuana daily. One study stated that because marijuana has a half life that builds in the system it stays in the intestines and eventually causes stomach pain and CHS.

If you're still reading MJ users, know that regular use of cannabis has side effects. Painful ones. I wouldn't wish my symptoms on ISIS, and there are ways to prevent this from occurring that does not include giving up the now legal wonder drug.

Drinking lots of fluids and regular exercise has been found to help prevent CHS. If that doesn't work give giving up the MJ a chance. C'Mon. You know you want to try it.


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